IEC 60309 Extension Cords

IEC 60309 Extension Cords made from IEC 60309 plugs, custom length power cables and IEC 309 receptacles, connectors power distribution cable Extender – Power extension cable,IEC 60309 Extension Adapters 16 Amps 250Voltage blue industrial connected with custom length color power cable such as PVC cable H05VV-F 3X15mm2 ,3×2.5mm2, Rubber cable H07RN-F 3×1.5mm2, 3×2.5mm2 assemblied with 3 outlets, 4 outlets power board , socket type could be Germany , France, Britain, Denmark, Switzerland, Australia, US types, also can make custom made sockets.

IEC 60309 Extension Cords manufacturer we can produce types of IEC 309 extension cords ,from 16A 110V yellow to 64A 480V red , 3 prong, 4 prong, 5 prong are our standard products, PVC power cable, rubber flexible cable with custom color, length according to orders.