Manufacturer Base China Extension Cord Single Outlet 2-Wire Custom Length, Color PVC Flexible Cable CCC 3C Certified

  • Samples date: 7 Days,Free with freight collect
  • MOQ:1000 Pcs
  • Production order shipping date:20-25 days
  • Shipping Terms: By Air, Sea
  • Payment Terms: Wire Transfer, Paypal
  • Packing:Export cartons,pallets

China Extension Cord 2 Wire 10 Amp Max

  • Plug type: GB 2099 2 wire plug
  • Receptacle: 2 Wire Single outlet
  • Standard:GB 2099
  • Approvals:CCC, 3C
  • Electricity:10A,250V
  • Number of Wires:2 pole 2 wires
  • Cable length:5 meters, 10m, 20m,custom length
  • Quality System:ISO9001:2008
  • Color:Custom color,Orange, blue, black are normal
  • Outer Mold Material:PVC
  • Plug Insert Material:PBT,ABS
  • Blade Material:Nickel coated Brass
  • Cable Specifications:Standard and custom made
  • Wire Outject Material:PVC,Rubber,TPE,Textile
  • Environmental Certifications:RoHS, REACH, PAHS
  • Model Number:CGC-2/CGC-2R
China Extension Cord Single Outlet 2-Wire

Extension Cord with 10 Amp Plug

Extension Cord Manufacturer

Custom long, color extension cord for extended range and easier access to a power outlet, Ideal for household, home-improvement projects and working outdoors just got easier. Use the Cablesgo extension cord to plug in your electric drill, sander, circular saw, or other power tool and move about your workspace with ease. and more. Female connector attaches to device’s power cable; male connector plugs into a standard outlet The extension cord also helps ensure flexible mobility with lawn care and other projects like using the electric pressure washer to clean the deck or the electric lawnmower and weed whacker to prepare the backyard for your next gathering.

Choice of Color and Length

Cablesgo manufactures extension cords comes in Black or Orange for easy coordinating with surrounding decor.We can also product the extension cord comes in a variety of sizes. Choose from 1-meter, 1-meter, 3-meter, 5-meter, 10-meterlong, 20-meter (each sold separately) to accommodate the specific amount of length needed.


Custom artowrks on paper cards ,printing and out cartons are normal packages for manufacture China Extension Cord Single Outlet.

Extension cord out packing

Cablesgo manufactures and supplies extension cords for use in China and all countries in the world. Our extensive and complete China line includes Indoor extension cords, outdoor extension cords, heavy duty extension cords, Contact us for China extension cables as leading extension cord manufacturer and supplier. All of Our China extension cord sets are approved by CCC (3C) with Rohs and Reach compliant.