EU Extension Cord European Germany CEE 7/7 Schuko Waterproof Outdoor IP44 Male Female Extension Cable Custom Length

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  • MOQ:1000 Pcs
  • Production order shipping date:20-25 days
  • Shipping Terms: By Air, Sea
  • Payment Terms: Wire Transfer, Paypal
  • Packing:Export cartons,pallets

European Schuko Extension Cord Outdoor

  • Plug type: Waterproof IP 44 outdoor CEE7 plug
  • Receptacle: Schuko Female
  • Standard: CEE 7/7
  • Approvals: CE, GS
  • Electricity:16A,250V
  • Number of Wires:2 poles 3 wires
  • Cable length:5 meters, 10m, 20m,custom length
  • Quality System:ISO9001:2008
  • Color: Custom color, White and Black are normal
  • Outer Mold Material: Rubber
  • Plug Insert Material: PBT, ABS
  • Blade Material: Nickel Coated Brass
  • Cable Specifications: Standard and custom made
  • Wire Jacket Material: PVC, Rubber, TPE, Textile
  • Environmental Certifications: RoHS, REACH, PAHS
  • Model Number: LA017D/LA03ZD

The EU German type Europe German plug with electrical rates 16 A, voltage 250V, according to the CEE7/7 (Schuko plug) and IEC884-1 standard production, Female receptacle standard Europe German Schuko with electrical rates 16 A, voltage 250V with waterproof lid, by CEE 7/7. The Europe AC plugs and Sockets are used in most European countries are general area use plugs types.

European Extension Cord Schuko Outdoor Male Plug Female Socket European Extension Cord Schuko Outdoor Orange Blue Europe CEE7-7 Outdoor IP44 Extension Cord European extension cable unit package EU Extension Cord Schuko IP44 WaterproofSchuko Germany Outdoor Extension Cord H07RN-F 3X1.5mm2 25M

Choice of Color and Length Cablesgo manufactures European Extension Cord Schuko Outdoor cord comes in white, black or red for easy coordinating with surrounding decor. We produce the extension cords comes in a variety of sizes. Choose from 1-meter, 3-meter, 5-meter, 10-meter long, 20-meter (each sold separately) to accommodate the specific amount of length needed.

Extension Cord Package

Bulk package or custom artworks on paper cards, printing and out cartons are normal packages for European Extension Cord Schuko Outdoor.

extension cord out cartonsExtension cord out packing

Plug type Waterproof IP 44 outdoor plug, Receptacle Schuko Female, Standard CEE 7/7, Approvals CE, GS, Electricity 16A,250V, Number of Wires 2 pole 3 wires, Cable length 5 meters, 10m, 20m,custom length, Quality System ISO9001 2008, Color Custom color, White and Black are normal, Outer Mold Material Rubber, Plug Insert Material PBT,ABS, Blade Material Nickel coated Brass, Cable Specifications Standard and custom made, Wire Outject Material PVC,Rubber,TPE,Textile, Environmental Certifications RoHS, REACH, PAHS, Model Number LA017D/LA03ZD

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