IEC 60309 Plug 16 Amp 110V 2-Outlet Extension Cord Reel for Tent/Motorhome / Caravan Hookup Lead / Cable/ Wire Custom Long Power Cords

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IEC 60309 Extension Cord Reel 2-Socket

IEC 60309 Extension Cord Reel 2-Socket 1 Temperature Controller, 1 Indicator Light

  • Plug type: 16 Amp 110V yellow or 250V Yello
  • Standard:IEC 60309
  • Approvals:CE,
  • Electricity:16A ,230V (250V blue)
  • Cable length:25m, max 50 meters
  • Quality System:ISO9001:2008
  • Color:Custom color,Black and Yellow are normal
  • Outer Mold Material:PVC
  • Plug Insert Material:PBT,ABS
  • Cable Specifications:H05VV-F 3X1.5mm2
  • Environmental Certifications:RoHS, REACH, PAHS
  • Model Number:TF-G2-1

IEC 60309 Extension Cord Reel  16 Amp extension cord reel with a termalcut-,non-rewirable plug 2P+E 16 Amp IEC 309 outlets with shutters.This (yellow) Blue IEC 60309 16 Amp Male to Female mains hook-up cable, as used to conenct Caravan/ Motorhome/ Camprvan to the blue single phase connector that is commonly found on UK & European Campsites and Marinas.

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