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Adaptor Current Taps

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Professional In Manufacturing Power Cords, Flexible Cables, Extension Cords, Electrical Plugs, Sockets,Adaptors

Famous trade mark power cord manufacturer in China with saftety,ROHS,REACH approved

Cablesgo is China power cord manufacturer having the best manufacturing capacity to provide competitive prices, high quality and best shipping times for power cords, ac power cords, power supply cords upon our long policy of lower prices with high volume export. We actually manufacture the connectors and extrude the wires in-house which produce the best variety of AC cords,extension cords,rubber cables,wiring harness available anywhere. our manufacturing facility is ISO 9001 and 14001 certified as well as UL and ASTA registered. All products are RoHS and REACH compliant.We offer the widest selection available for OEM power cords, custom power supply cords and International AC cords.

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Power Cords, Power Supply Cords, Plug, Sockets From Cablesgo

Cablesgo produces a feature-rich range of North American power cord products, international power cords, assembled plugs and connectors, outlet strips and accessories, and wire and cable products.

Power Supply Cord

Each of these products is code-compliant in keeping with the prevailing industry standards, and can be shipped to any location worldwide. Cablesgo carries a rich inventory of power cords and related accessories.

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