Brazil Power Strips

Brazil Power Strips are black ,white as standard color. Brazil Power strips in other colours ,Custom length and shielded Brazil power cords are available, extension outlet for extended range and easier access to a power outlet, Ideal for household, home-improvement projects and working outdoors just got easier. Use the Cablesgo power strips to plug in your electric drill, sander, circular saw, or other power tool and move about your workspace with ease. and more. Female connector attaches to device’s power cable; male connector plugs into a standard outlet.

Brazil Power Strip Manufacturer: we manufactures and supplies electrical devices for use in Brazil 3-outlets, 4-outlets,5-outlets and 6-outlets and our regular products. Our extensive and complete Brazil product line includes power receptacle outlets, RCD GFCI receptacle outlets, weatherproof receptacle outlets, sockets, multiple outlet power strips, light fixtures, MCB circuit breakers, electrical panels, power cable wire, plug adapters and transformers. Contact us for Brazil electrical plugs, socket and power strips, power outlets with USB ports.