Europe Power Cord Wire

Europe Power Cord Wire contains types of European VDE approved , below only listed the most popular versions.  Please select desired wire style below if you are interested:

PVC Cables: H03VV-FH03VVH2-F, H05VV-FH05VVH2-F
High Temperature 90°C:H03V2V2-FH03V2V2H2-FH05V2V2-FH05V2V2H2-F

LSZH Cables: H03Z1Z1-FH05Z1Z1-F

Rubber Cables: H05RN-FH05RR-FH07RN-F

Waterproof Cables: H07RN8-F

Single Core Non-sheathed cable for decorative chanins: H03VH7-H

Non-sheathed cable for internal wiring for conductor temperature of 90°C: H05V2-K , H07V2-K

 Photovoltaic Systems Cables: PV1-F

Cableso proudly offers a huge variety of 0.5mm2 through 4mm2 EU type VDE certified bulk power cord wire.  All our European bulk flexible wire products are extruded in house in high volume and we offer the most competitively priced high quality China portable cables in 2, 3, 4 and 5 conductor 300V and 600V styles.