China Power Cord Wire

China Power Cord Wire contains types of China CCC ( 3C ) approved, below only listed the most popular versions.  Please select desired wire style below if you are interested:

PVC Cables60227 IEC52 (RVV) 300/300V60227 IEC53 (RVV) 300/500V

Rubber Cables60245 IEC 53(YZ) 300/500V60245 IEC 57(YZW) 300/500V60245 IEC 66(YCW) 450/750V

Cableso proudly offers a huge variety of 0.5mm2 through 4mm2 China CCC bulk power cord wire.  All our China bulk flexible wire products are extruded in a house in high volume and we offer the most competitively priced high-quality China portable cables in 2, 3, 4 and 5 conductor 300V and 600V styles.