H07RN8-F Power Cable Water Resistant Bulk Power Cord Wire

  • Samples date: 7 Days,Free with freight collect
  • MOQ:5000m
  • Production order shipping date:20-25 days
  • Shipping Terms: By Air, Sea
  • Payment Terms: Wire Transfer, Paypal
  • Packing:Export cartons,pallets

H07RN8-F Water Resistant Polychloroprene Or Equivalent Synthetic Elastomeric Sheathed Cable

  • Standard Voltage: 450-750V
  • Standard:VDE0281-16
  • Environmental Certifications:RoHS, REACH, PAHS
  • Quality System:ISO9001:2008
  • Approvals:VDE
  • Samples: Free with freight collect
  • Samples shipping date: 7 days
  • Color:Custom color,white and black are normal
  • Wire Outject Material:Rubber
  • Conductor:Copper
  • Cable Specifications:Standard and custom made
H07RN8-F datesheetCable Manufacturing Bulk Power Cord Wire Roll Power Cord Wire Pallet Package Bulk Power Cord Wire

This range of flexible cables is made especially for all submersion uses and all system liable to flooding or immersed pumps (AD8 Application).


International : EN 50525-2-21; HD 22.16; HD 516; IEC 60245-4 type 66
National : NF C 15-100; NF C 32-080; NF C 32-102-16


Application :

New european test -known as AD8, specify from now on strictlier performance of the materials used in H07RN8-F cables. These cables are made for carriable machine like submergerd pump and for immersed pump too.They can be used in every submerged environment like ports, offshore rigs… The good resitance of sheathing material to oil, grease and chimical product allow various usage.

Used in fixed installation they could be adapted for evacuation system. H07RN8-F cables are made with specific synthetic rubber having high waterproof degree can be used for intensive applications.

Use up to 1000V in alternative current is authorized for protected static installations and for connecting of motors in lifting appliances.

Maximum temperature on conductor in normal use + 60°C and under short circuit condition 200°C.

AD8 application Cenelec test 100 days.

Submersible – 10 m. Installation

Can be used in open air. If buried it must have an extra mechanical protection (tube, gutter).

Conductors laid up

assembled conductor. Filler and reinforcement tape in some case.

Tractive force

Maxi 15N/mm² in relation to the section of core or 1000 N max for the full cable.


Max continuous operating conductor temperature in normal use :

+60°C ( in every case of mobile installation)

+85°C ( fixed protected installation )

+200°C ( in short circuit )

Permissible current rating is measured for an ambient temperature of 30°C and a maximum operating and conductor temperature of 85°C . For other temperature please refer to correction factors.